• Easy Way To Learn Deep Breathing

    Easy Way To Learn Deep Breathing

    I’m sure you’ve heard the proper way to breathe is deeply where your belly goes in and out and not up in your chest area. Visualize how a baby breathes. Most of us don’t think about how we breathe-we breathe unconsciously. Proper breathing is essential to our health because it gives oxygen to our brain and other vital organs needed to function. Proper breathing also relieves stress.

    I was listening to an audio of Darren Hardy interviewing Verne Harnish and Mr. Harnish was talking about the importance of proper breathing in his life. His breathing exercise every morning is:

    1. Place your hands on your waist
    2. Breathe in for a total of 4 seconds
    3. Hold your breath for a total of 4 seconds
    4. Breathe out for a total of 6 seconds
    5. Rest for a total of 2 seconds
    6. Repeat.

    This is brilliant! What an easy way to learn how to breathe properly and develop a healthy habit. It works for me, try it and see if it works for you.

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